Dead Ends by A.E.M. Nason

Dead Ends


By A.E.M. Nason

Award-winning, prolific writer A.E.M. Nason scores another hit with this Young Adult Fiction.

Is it possible to be so broken you have no possibility of being fixed?

It’s a question that haunts Chicago Wilson’s every waking thought, and her nightmares, of which there have been far too many these days.

When her parents are killed in a car crash, she’s shipped away from bustling New York City to a small Montana town in the care of her aunt and uncle. Adjustment to her new life seems impossible—and things only spiral when a seemingly random string of murders changes life forever in previously sleepy Deer Springs.

Her pain-filled past, deadly present, and uncertain future collide as Chicago fights two battles at once—a desperate race to find a killer and an equally dangerous struggle with her own pain and the long road to a recovery she doubts she’ll ever make.

ISBN: 978-1-7333518-5-0; 112 Pages; Paperback

Scholastic  Writing Award

Indie Book Awards Finalist