La Mia Pazza Famiglia

La Mia Pazza Famiglia


La Mia Pazza Famiglia – My Crazy Italian Family
by Caterina Maida (Kay Lemke)

For years, author Catarina Maida amused friends with stories about life in her Italian village with crazy Italian relatives. Friends often begged her to write a book about these wonderful characters. So she did.

These delightful tales have now been captured in La Mia Pazza Famiglia, My Crazy Italian Family.

All the favorite stories are there: the friendly feuding ristorantes of San Fior (all two of them), the Christmas traditions, the Romanian gypsies, life with Italian immigrants in Minnesota in mid-century modern America, the melodrama of Zia Sophia, even Uncle Freddie’s three transcontinental burials! But wait there’s more! — she includes her most popular recipes, typical of those lovingly prepared in the village of San Fior.

La Mia Pazza Famiglia contains photographs of all the beloved personalities, as well as evocative drawings and paintings by the author herself.

ISBN: 978-1-7333518-4-3; 104 Pages; Hardbound $25.00