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Saint Barbara


Saint Barbara
The Truth, Tales, Tidbits & Trivia of Santa Barbara’s Patron Saint
by Erin Graffy de Garcia

Saint Barbara, one of the earliest martyrs of the Christian church, was just a young woman in Asia Minor when she was killed by her own father for her faith in the One True God. Her simple story still fascinates us — it has been told and embellished for centuries, often reaching mythological proportions.

What was her story? Did she really exist? Is she still a saint? Why is Barbara the patron saint of such diverse trades — from miners to mason, and from architects to artillerymen.

This book explores the basic facets of Saint Barbara’s background, and places it in context to actual history. There is much interesting trivia concerning her presence in art and culture throughout the centuries, all related in a simple and straightforward manner.

80 Pages; Paperback; ISBN: 978-0-9635018-1-3